When it comes to efficiency, air source heat pumps are an incredible choice you can go for as a renewable source of energy while significantly reducing your carbon footprint. But you may be wondering what the costs to buy and install an air source heat pump.

In this article, we will talk about the costs of buying and installing an air source heat pump and everything that you need to keep in mind related to this aspect. We will also look at many of the smaller factors that can significantly affect the overall cost of your air source heat pump such as running costs.

So, without further delay, let us begin our discussion and look at these aspects in more detail.

What are the costs involved in air source heat pumps?

When looking at the initial Air Source Heat Pump cost, we can see the pricing significantly differs in terms of the heat pump systems. The differentiation in price usually starts from £8,000 and goes up to £18,000, which typically depends on the air source heat pump system cost. Air source heat pumps offer good value for money, a more expensive option to consider is a ground source heat pump which can cost somewhere between £20,000 to £35,000. However, at the time of writing, homeowners can use their savings and grants from RHI so that they can get consistent returns year after year. Therefore, it can also become a good overall saving.

Regarding the cost involved in air source heat pumps, it is also necessary to consider the factors that can affect the running cost. Typically, it depends on system performance performance and this is dependent on your home and how well insulated it is. A well insulated home along with a good quality heat pump can help save up to 50% of energy when used for heating the home rather than going for a gas boiler. It also depends on the heat requirements because the running cost of an air source heat pump will directly depend on the amount of heat you require as more energy is needed to generate at a higher temperature. A good level of insulation ensures that no heat generated by your heat pump escapes through the walls, doors, roof and window, eventually adding to the running cost. 

What are the primary costs involved in air source heat pump installation?

If we talk about a rough figure, it costs around £10,000 to purchase and install an air source heat pump. Although these figures are from the energy-saving trust, estimates have already revealed that around 70% of people consider costing an essential factor when purchasing any low-carbon products. Irrespective, it is better to go with installing under-floor heating and replacing a boiler with an air source heat pump whilst also improving insulation to take full advantage of the air source heat pumps potential. 

However, in some cases, people may not require to replace all the radiators, but it is apparent to expect the replacement of at least half or one-third of them. In such cases, it is usually recommended to install a radiator that is at least 2.5 times more efficient than the regular heat pumps to get the best service. The main cost also involves hiring the required personnel to install the heat pumps and any other equipment you may require. You need an expert who has experience installing air source heat pumps and a good reputation. This way, you can ensure the safe installation and good performance of your air source heat pump.

What are the running costs of heat pump? 

The field trial of 1 year between 2008 to 2009 by the Energy Saving Trust for checking the effectiveness of heat pumps revealed a few critical metrics concerning installation/ running costs involved in air source heat pumps. The trial accounted for 85 heat pumps from the installation stage to the final performance indicator. This case study concluded that if their source heat pumps are installed and well designed, there is a better possibility of them efficiently operating.


We can conclude from this case study that air source heat pumps are well worth considering as a replacement to gas boilers. They offer good efficiency and heating if your property is well insulated. On average, the running costs of an air source heat pump cost around 1132 pounds per year, which is usually required to run a gas boiler. The average consumption capacity for houses comes to around 12,000 Wh every year.