The individual character of our interiors

Arranging the space of your own home - even one room - is a real challenge. Before making any binding decisions, it is worth getting acquainted with some of the trends that are becoming increasingly popular. Many of them are characterized by an increasingly individual approach to space. By making these and no other choices, the owners want to emphasize their personality and express it in the arrangement of the residential part. Usually, the owners of houses and apartments also look for a cosy place for their pets. This is where the Bowl & Bone Republic offer can be helpful.

Furniture with a soul, also for our pets

One more individual project is introducing a retro spirit to the space. By vintage, we mean using elements from a different era and adapting them to today's needs. It can be clothes, furniture, porcelain, rugs, paintings, etc. - more than 20 years old. People who choose these types of accessories do it for several reasons. Most of them feel a special connection with the spirit of the previous epoch, and with a specific sentiment, they collect or, as they describe it, save certain items from oblivion. Others appreciate the old craftsmanship of manufacturing and design, a process that today is highly automated and carried out with millions of copies. Vintage items are rarely available in more significant numbers. Experts of this type of item are proud to buy particular finds found somewhere in antiquities or fairs, the so-called "Antiquities". The dog bed is additional equipment, e.g., from the Bowl & Bone Republic brand.

Most vintage furniture and accessories are valued for their artistic value. They can sell at high prices. Anyone who would like to show off the model of the Egg armchair by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen must reckon with an expense of several thousand.

More than furniture

An interesting phenomenon that has emerged with the fashion for vintage furniture is the interest in the renovation of retro furniture. Many companies specializing in this field have been established. It is not uncommon for the owners to try to renew their elements on their own, gaining at the same time a new hobby and sometimes even a profession.

Another aspect that has become an unexpected advantage of the vintage style is the green effect of the trend. Many people realize that they do not have to buy new things. With great satisfaction, they can use the already available furniture and accessories and obtain them from their family or friends who have just decided to get rid of them. It is an action that fits very well with the zero-waste trend.